To which I would add the eternally loathsome “mouthfeel”, a particular favorite of the wanna be food blogger…

Been eating with this beautiful family since I first moved to L.A.  If you haven’t had their cochinita pipil, you haven’t had cochinita pibil.  James Beard award winners too…

I see a field trip in my future….

Personally I’m freaked out by the artifically “pretty” fruits & vegies found in chain markets. Shiny does not equal tasty.

What more can I say that needs saying…..

I like all of these (although I prefer my eggs in olive oil), particularly the one about make everything from scratch once.  And, btw, home made stock will ruin you for all other (and it’s super easy to do….)

That’s Guerrilla Tacos….  Like it says in the article…That YOU linked to…

Nothing ground breaking here but a useful reminder of just some of the great downtown LA spots.  Highly amused by the number of East Coast publications writing about the downtown revitalization as if it’s just begun.  B

If you want to know how charming the waitstaff thinks your child is, just count the number of cherries in their Shirley Temple - 3 or more and your kid is a dining angel…!!!!

A little Sunday amusement…..